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Providing the best solutions through technology, information and communication in order to create efficiency so as to produce new digital-based businesses.


  1. To be the best business partner by uphold honesty and trustworthiness

  2. Providing the best service in meeting your business needs through digital technology

  3. Helping to deal with complexities in business processes through digital technology

  4. Developing your business into a company that is digitally ready in the face of the industrial era 4.0







What we do

Web Development and App Development

We love what we do, we combine. We are proud to contribute to a High Performance, Reliable and Safe System in Indonesia. One of our passions is to create a Sales System that is useful to support your company business.


Team Members

Experienced team members that not only following the tasks, but work to build amazing product


Brands & Clients

Every project give us new opportunities for the development. That’s why we’re adaptive and flexible, and effective.


Impacted Projects

As our mission to give an impact into projects based on business and goals that helps our clients

Our services

Providing The Best Service

Ux-Ui Design

Driven by research insights we frame an abstract idea into an overall product context.

Web Development

Our development team excels at building high performance products across all platforms and devices.

Apps developement

With an innovative development process, We build solutions to meet market challenges.

SEO Services

Holistic understanding of what the user expects, wants and hates about digital products.

Consumer products

Visualize your Ideas by prototyping its Minimum Powerful Product and validate your market quickly.

Normal report

Provide Reports and Solutions to help your Digital Business reach customers well.

Our Products

We Giving Best Product For Your Business.


Management of Your Agencies Umrah Travel Quickly

We are an IT company that helps Umrah travel agencies to upgrade the overall system from the management, sales, and service to pilgrims.

By using the IT system package provided by MuslimPergi, your Umrah travel management will be very easy because all data is connected into one. Travel management has become more efficient and maximized so that it is expected to increase package sales.


Get Your Easy & Reliable Online Sales System

We portaldagang.com always try to make clients satisfied with our work. We also prioritize the importance of the design of your online shop page, and we also prioritize the high number of visitors to your site. With the right strategy in reaching customers and certainly not making your customers disappointed with the online store that we offer.

The store appearance we offer doesn't stop there, we also always pay attention to responsive web design on each gadget, which substantially brings all customers not only via desktop but also mobile.


Create a Cool Application for Learning with Penailmu

We are here with a mission to make it easier for all people with teaching talents to disseminate their knowledge as widely as possible with the online learning system which is currently a must.

Designing a distance learning system requires a great deal of time and experience dedication. Penailmu was developed by PT Muslimina Indo Persada.

Penailmu is here to provide a fast, instant and practical solution so that educational institutions can present online learning media that is more structured and neat.

Who's CEO of PT MIP ?

About Our CEO

The wave of digitalization has been felt by all business sectors, even the impact is experienced by learning institutions in providing services to their students, corporate institutions in providing their best products to their customers and travel agencies organizing Umrah and Hajj in providing services to their congregation.

With sophisticated technological advances, consumer demands for maximum service are also getting higher so that travel agencies, business institutions and learning institutions, too, respond to this quickly. This is the reason why PT Muslimina Indo Persada is present as a startup that provides information management systems for various business institutions.

"We departed from concerns over the traditional business processes that many companies run.”

CEO PT Muslimina Indo Persada